The Cosmic Order of Longevity

Do You Know, What Cosmos Means?
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We call the universe cosmos, which means order. We are embedded and imbued with this order. Yes, we are part of this order. And by nature, we are in order. Because it is our natural being, to live in harmony with the creation. And if we practice this harmony with the creation it results in happiness, the happiness of life, and longevity.

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Disturbance of The Cosmic Order of Longevity

But if we disrupt this order, we get a message from life. And the most important ambassador of life is our body. That means that we experience every disorder of the natural order as pain, illness, lack, and suffering. Our body, this wonderful ambassador of life. It doesn’t only indicate where we are not behaving in the right way for life. But also, it always shows us exactly how to come back into harmony. And it keeps sending us messages on how to do so. Even at this moment, you receive messages from your body. We usually don’t pay attention to it.

The Body Cannot Lie!

When the cosmic Order of longevity sends us a message, in its language as a symptom. It only reflects an unresolved problem or an unresolved task. By doing so, our body leads our attention, so to speak: “There is something to be done: Here!” It reports very precisely about the particular organ or body part. And it sends very individual, specific, and precise messages.

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