21 Days of Abundance Meditation Challenge with Deepak Chopra – Day 1

Mission of Day 1:

In a notebook you chose for the process, create a list of 50 people who have added value to your life or who you feel has taken something away from you.

The list must contain 50 names. The important thing is that as you write, you should experience the reason for your choice. Move calmly, remember the good things in each person, and what he/she brought into your life, releasing and forgiving the ones you think taken away something from you, and also consider what they might have added to your life or built you for better.

Wishing you happiness while doing this!

And a motto for the day:

“Yesterday was a good day. Today will be a better day, and tomorrow will be a wonderful day.”

If you can allow yourself, it is also recommended to put your phone in flight mode for the time needed to listen to meditation and to devote yourself to the practice.

A day filled with goodness and abundance!


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