A Tsunami of Lubrication

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Getting wet hearing your lover’s voice. Having wetness of tsunamic proportions well into your 50s, 60s and 70s. Lubricating naturally at any age and stage of your life. This is “normal” in Anami Land.

 It’s an Anami Tsunami!

Having a Kung Fu Vagina is every woman’s birthright and within her natural abilities.With the right tools! This is what is possible for every single vagina, on the daily:

– Multiple, vaginal and ejaculating orgasms
– Insane, life-changing happiness
– A vagina that is so responsive that it gets wet just from hearing your lover’s voice.
– Produces a tsunami of wetness
– A ravenous libido
– Gives your lover a vaginal handjob with your sensational articulation skills. Aka “voodoo pussy”.
– Shoots ping pong balls. This is the normal, healthy baseline for every vagina.
– Zero urinary incontinence. Some women reverse this in a week.
– Iron-clad pelvic floor vitality that maintains your internal organs. Yep. You were meant to keep them.

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