Bad Habits – A Live Exercise For Dropping Any Bad Habit For Good

Bad Habits – I take you through a live exercise to help you drop your bad habit forever and replace it with something positive.

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Video Summary:
We all have bad habits, whose effects can vary from mild to costly and dangerous. Once the rut of a bad habit is worn in your mind, it can take a lot of momentum to propel yourself out of it.

The first step to breaking a bad habit is to consider your motivation for wanting to change. External pressure to please or not disappoint others creates much weaker motivation than calculating a cost — benefit analysis that convinces you to do it for your own good. The second step is to accept responsibility for your habit. You can’t break a habit if you blame someone else for making you do it. And believe that you indeed can make the change. If you think you can’t, you won’t.

Then make a 100% commitment with no wiggle room. Use the Law of Attraction to replace your bad habit with a positive one. To further strengthen your resolve, employ the technique of visualization via future projection — of both the mental, physical, and financial cost of continuing the habit, as well as the improvement in all those areas of your life when you substitute a positive habit in its place.

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