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Who is in charge of your birth?

My guests today are a couple of our Well-F**ked All Stars, Yvonne and Sky, who are alumni from my Sexy Mama Salon. I also share a free birthing story of a media figure, who unexpectedly birthed her child on her own, after secretly desiring to.  

What I want you to really hear in these women is the vitality, confidence and power that has been “birthed” in each of them, as a result of having autonomous, self-directed births of their children. 

We dive deep into:

– How to “brain-clean” yourself, and remove the dominant messaging we all receive that birth is “hard and painful and has to be done by a doctor”
– The story of a birthing woman who has to decide whether to risk doing an illegal home birth in Dubai and what she does
– How two women dealt with corrupt medical systems trying to interfere with and interrupt their births, and put them in their rightful places—as subservient order-takers who deserve a slap upside the head and should stand back and let a birthing woman take control—to rock their own sovereign births
– From C-section to home and unassisted birth
– The power that emerges when you don’t give it away 
– The differences in children born in self-knowledge, truth and happiness 
– What happens to your intimate relationship as a result of a connected and trust-filled birth


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