Critical Thinking – Use Independent Thinking To Build A Powerful Life

Critical Thinking – How critical thinking works and how you can use it to build an amazing quality of life.

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In this age of information, we are literally awash in it, much of it crafted to achieve a a purpose counter to that of the reader. There’s no shortage of information. In fact, we have derived an acronym for it: TMI. Our shortage is in techniques to decide what to believe.

Critical thinking is a fundamental tool for steering one’s life. No one has achieved great success without possessing the skill of critical thinking — thinking independently. Artists, philosophers and inventors derive many of their ideas by questioning the established norms.

While employers may lump critical thinking under the general category of “problem solving,” it’s much more survival-oriented. It encompasses far more than mere information gathering, which is clearly part of the first step. It also includes knowing where to look and continuing the search without prejudice about what we may find.

Analyzing the accumulated information requires thoughtful consideration of the voracity of the information and what we believe to be true in our life, not necessarily in someone else’s.

Learn how to become a critical thinker who is open-minded and curious. Cultivate the skill of critical thinking, a true source of wisdom. Ask questions to probe to the core of the issue. Then derive your own answers.


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