DMT Breathing inspired by Wim Hof

DMT breathing is a breathing technique from Iceman WIM HOF, that brings you to higher states of consciousness and Oneness with the world. It also releases stress and pains from body and soul.

A tingling or vibration of body parts and giddiness is usual. Always practice in a safe surrounding on the ground in a group of minimum 2 people. You can sit or lie down on a mat. Drink enough water if you are thirsty. If you are cold, cover your body with a blanket. Hold the breath at the end of one session after exhaling as long as is comfortable to you. Than start again. Repeat one session 3 – 6 times. Take a rest or sleep after.

Through the hyperventilation CO2 levels in the blood fall and body own DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) is released / extracted from melatonin.
In contrast to psychedelic drugs as Ayahuasca and LSD it is natural and has no side effects. The effect will vary to body condition and mood.
Best practiced in the morning before eating.

Music, vocal and instruments: Andrej Matko
Guitars: Michal Kovalcik
Recorded at Sagona and Cement Studio Bratislava 2017


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