Do We Live In A Dream? Ask Deepak Chopra!

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Deepak explores the question of whether we live in a dream, whether this life is an illusion. Are we asleep? How do we wake up?* Our thoughts are almost always about the past and future, which means we do technically live in a dream. Only in life-centered present-moment awareness do we live in the world of consciousness and possibility. Many spiritual traditions say that we need to “wake up.” Then we will realize that we are the creators of our own dreams. We are the authors of our own lives. We are the universe.

“I am that. You are that. All this is that. That alone is. And that is the infinite consciousness that is constantly evolving and expressing itself.”

ASK DEEPAK is a daily show featuring reflections, thoughts, and inspirations on big questions and current events from writer and philosopher Deepak Chopra. What would you like to Ask Deepak? Leave your question in the comments below or upload a response video.

THE CHOPRA WELL is a new Youtube channel created to encourage people to live healthier, fuller lives and to be more aware. Deepak, Mallika and Gotham Chopra, along with other friends and experts, join together in this inspiring project for personal and global transformation. The channel features daily shows about spirituality, wellness, healthy living, humor, and much more.

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