Does God Have a Future? – by Deepak Chopra

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The Future of God (A Conversation between Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Kyra Phillips, CNN)

Deepak Chopra explains that if God is our highest impulse of self-realization, then the future of God depends on how fully we actualize our spiritual potential.

Kyra: Does God have a future?

Deepak: I think God has a future, we have a future and they’re all connected. As I’ve said many times, God is our highest instinct to know ourselves. We have questions like why do we exist, what is the meaning of existence, what is the meaning of death? Do we have a soul? And if God exists does he care about us? Because if this God is this infinite void of nothingness that is you know mechanically spewing out the universe you know like a fountain that is gushing water. Who cares if it doesn’t matter to me? Do I have a connection to this source? And I think God has a future if we actually understand what I call the religious experience. That we can know how to transcend, which means to go beyond thought. Because I’ve said no system of thought can give us access to reality. System of thought creates a model and then you are stuck with the model. Scientific model. Theological model. Religious model. Therefore there’s some real insight in that phrase, “Be still and know that I am God.” Because when you’re still then all that’s left is awareness, is existence, all that’s left is being.

Then if you stay there things start happening to you. You can transcend. But you know in spiritual traditions if you ask yourself, “Who am I?” and then wait for a response. If you ask yourself “Who’s asking the question, who am I?” You see there’s a layer beneath that. Why is this whoever this is asking the question who am I? You ask the questions, “What do I want?, What is my purpose?, What am I grateful for”—which are very spiritual questions but then something happens. Insight comes and you know every spiritual scripture is based on what is called revelation. Okay. What is revelation? Whether it was Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha? It’s all revelation right? What is revelation? Then you know if you ask people what is revelation they say real truth. No not scientists, but people that have had the experience or studied theology. It’s revealed truth that comes to you from an invisible domain. Therefore self-reflection, ask and you shall receive is very important. And don’t ask for a Mercedes or a beautiful house. Ask the big questions.

Kyra: Such as?

Deepak: Such as the ones I’ve said. Who am I? Who’s asking the question? Does God exist?

Kyra: So God is awareness?

Deepak: God is awareness. In which the questions are asked and in which the questions are answered. And without awareness you couldn’t have cognition, perception, anything. You couldn’t have this animated body. So yes.

Kyra: So is the only way to go into that deeper part of ourselves?

Deepak: It’s through transcendence.

Kyra: Prayer and meditation?

Deepak: Prayer, meditation, reflection. Reflection, which is very important; self-reflection. You know while we are having this question the universe is expanding at faster than the speed of light. A great wind is growing across the sky, dark energy is holding the galaxies together and you know a lot is happening and if it wasn’t happening we wouldn’t be having this conversation. It’s happening with mathematical precision. Not one decimal off. It’s wild when you think of it. Science has made the universe more mysterious than ever. The unknown and the unknowable has expanded exponentially with science. So you know science has increased the possibilities of God. Science has magnified the magnificence of God. Because non-local is another word for saying omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. It’s everywhere. Energy is everywhere. Matter is everywhere and organized information is everywhere. That’s another way of saying omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.


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