Exercise For Mental Health And Fitness: What Does Vitality Mean?

Mental Health And Fitness

Exercise For Mental Health And Fitness: What Does Mental And Physical Fitness Mean?


Vitality has 4 components:
Mental and physical health and fitness
and due to that vitality means the combination of:
1. Mental health – not only men’s health (stamina)
2. Mental fitness
3. Physical health, and
4. Physical fitness

During this video series, I will go in detail through all of these components. What do those 4 vitality components mean? Which components of it have more or less influence on our vitality? And finally, I will answer the question:
Why do so many people set their priorities to the least essential components and ignore the essentials of vitality? And what you can specifically do, to apply the components of vitality in a more beneficial way.

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Vital and happy regards
Klaus Forster

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  1. Vitality will be assessed by the six items of the UWES that refer to high levels of energy and resilience, the willingness to invest effort, not being easily fatigued, and persistence in the face of difficulties. BMI will be calculated using self-reported weight and height. All participants will be asked to report their self-measured waist circumference in each questionnaire. For that aim, a measuring tape (range 0-135 cm) will be sent to all participants along with the questionnaires. Participants will have instructions on how to use the measuring tape and are asked to report their waist circumference to the nearest cm. Besides BMI and waist circumference, the aerobic fitness (VO

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