Goal Setting – How To Set Goals Effectively

Goal Setting – The critical points you need to know to set goals that will actually get realized.

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Most people have no true goals, but instead only vague desires. To be practical, goals must be specific, compelling, written, reviewed daily, and aligned with your highest values. Specific goals are clear-cut and detailed. Compelling goals are big enough to create their own gravitational pull and are easier to achieve than smaller goals. And goals that aren’t aligned with your values will needlessly swerve your life off-course, unless and until you regain your direction. Writing down your goals and reviewing them daily will cement them more firmly in your mind.

Not all goals are created equal. Those more closely aligned with your values, whose cost you are willing to pay, will be immensely more fulfilling. In prioritizing your list of potential goals, you will assess the cost-benefit ratio of each. Some you will therefore drop from the list. While you may achieve only 20% of your goals, that’s okay. Those must be the most important ones. If you could easily achieve all your goals, you didn’t make them big enough.

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