How many ounces can you bring on a plane? Klaus Forster

How to get around with max. 7 kg of luggage

Since mid of 2017 I am travelling with carry on luggage only, whenever I am going on an flight. This means to stay below the 7 kg or 15 pounds limit of the airline, and depending on the type of airplane, sometimes it is only 5 kg on domestic flights.

Travelling minimalistic = freedom
Travel with light luggage is very convenient and this minimalism gives me a feeling of freedom. For me it’s not freedom to buy and keep everything I want. I rather save the money an live on its interest. In fact the most material stuff keeps dragging us down. It rather satisfies the need for security, but this is a fallacy:

If the tiger spots the two of us, who can run faster?
You with a lot of luggage or me with a little?
Wouldn’t it be smart to leave it all behind?
That’s ok in the jungle, but not if you are in a hurry running to your gate, after getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the airport, in case the security control took ages or after hopping on the wrong tube on my way to London Gatwick airport. I experienced that last year and it was convenient to run to the check in counter – even if it was less convenient that the gate was already closed by the time I arrived.

Reduction of luggage saves resources and money, due to the trend that most budget airlines let you pay extra already for the first pice of check in luggage, some of them up to 40 €. So it saves you 80 € on a return trip. For that kind of money you can buy the things from the drug store at your destination e. g. sun protection, insect repellant, shampoo or toothpaste, a second pair of shoes, another pair of pants and a rain cape in rainy season if needed. You can leave all of it behind on your way back. In most Asian countries those items are anyway much cheaper than in Europe.

The international size limitations in economy class are mostly:
one bag
up to 7 kg and
a size of 55 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm, or 22 inches * 14 inches * 9 inches
which slightly varies depending on the airline.

How to reduce your luggage by 2 kg
I found a way to reduce the weight of your luggage by another 2 kg, to get even on flight with a 5 kg limitation. This trick shown in the video can be used as well to reduce the wight of the luggage from 9 kg to 7 kg, e. g. on the way back home if you added some souvenirs to your luggage. So far it worked for me always, even on the airlines, who don’t explicitly allow one additional personal item.


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