How To Love Yourself – How To Like Who You Are Right Now

How To Love Yourself – Stop the guilt and shame right now and start to be happy with who you are.

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Everyone dislikes some things about themselves, but hopefully not everything. Learning to love yourself is so much more empowering than micro-analyzing your flaws through a magnifying glass. Every flaw presents you with a choice: you can try to change it, or accept it as part of you. That doesn’t mean that you should use character flaws as excuses not to grow, however.

Learning to tell yourself at close range that you love and accept yourself just the way you are can help you see how unnecessarily critical you’ve been of yourself. You’re so much more than a handful of flaws. Zoom your lens out to see yourself in a more accurate perspective.

Self-acceptance and self-improvement are not opposing forces. Ideally, learn to love who you are right now, and then from that amazing position, work to improve yourself.

Only from a position of loving yourself can you contribute your talents to the world. When you’re happy from the inside out, you exude happiness and can better design your life.


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