How To Make Friends – 4 Sticking-Points That Limit Your Ability To Make Friends

How To Make Friends – How to go from having no friends, or bad friends, to have amazing friendships.

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Most of us make friends so easily that we take the ability for granted. What is the quality of your friendships? Are they deep connections or superficial acquaintances based in technology? Do you have as many friendships as you want? How many do you actually have time for?

You can improve the quality or quantity of your friendships. Most people really don’t have time for more than two to four quality friends. Decide how much time you’re really willing to invest in your friendships. Focus on quality over quantity, the minimalist approach. If you appreciate the value of maintaining a friendship, you may realize you’re willing to make it more of priority than you originally planned. Be open to developing friendships with people who aren’t you twin. They will expand your ideas and your understanding of the world.

If you find making or keeping friends difficult consider the four most common sticking points: not being social, lacking time and energy, ruining opportunities, and / or being painfully shy or fake in conversations. Lack of socializing is most often the problem. Rectifying that will often remedy any issues in the other three areas.

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