How to Understand the TRUMP Way – Spiral Dynamics Stage Red (Intro to Levels of Existence Theory)

Why does Trump do what he does? Why does he say the things he says the way he says them? In this video, I explain how you can understand Trump through the Spiral Dynamics stage red values system.

Spiral Dynamics is a data-based, psychological approach to understanding worldviews or systems of thinking held by individuals, organizations and societies.

It is concerned with:
How people to respond to the world around them in given circumstances and with their particular coping abilities (rather than categorizing people as ‘types’)

How people think about things (conceptualization), rather than what they think about (concepts) – for example, is their thinking binary and absolutist (‘if it’s not black, then it must be white’), or do they acknowledge and seem comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty?

Complex questions about change including ‘HOW should WHO lead WHOM to do WHAT and WHEN?’

My name is Will Rucker and I help people awaken and actualize their spirituality.


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