Judgment – How You Ruin Your Own Happiness

Judgment – A deep discussion of how you’re unconsciously judging everything and how to stop being judgmental.

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Judgment is an insidious element in our lives. It started in our DNA as a survival tactic to help us discern friend from enemy and poison from food. It has replicated its way into our subconscious mind. We not only judge other people (don’t believe anyone who claims to be non-judgmental — they’re not being honest with themselves), but we also judge objects and situations.

Not all judgment is of a negative quality. We tend to categorize most things or people into the broad categories of good or bad, using a wide assortment of labels: trashy, exquisite, obsolete, opulent, overpriced. The criteria we most often use for these judgments are a person or thing’s potential value to us.

Of course what we most commonly judge is ourselves, re-broadcasting the negative voices we’ve heard from others in our head. The most damaging element about judgment is that it traps us in our head, denying us the happiness of the present moment.

Happiness, on the other hand, requires living in the here and now — being more mindful. Practicing mindfulness can help you learn to be more self-actualized, and how to live more happily in the moment.


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