Kim Anami Reviews: Sarah on the Well F**ked Woman and Vaginal Kung Fu Salons

“My vagina is woke as f**k!”

Sarah took Kim Anami’s Well F**ked Woman and Vaginal Kung Fu Salons as a single person. In this video review she shares:

0:00 Magnetizing people, opportunities and money through her sexual energy.
2:03 Not giving a f**k what others think of her.
2:58 happiness, growth and happiness as a single and how it’s the best time to do this work.
3:25 Being able to read men and set boundaries much easier now.
3:55 Kim is the OG lovemaking and relationships guide!

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The Well F**ked Woman Registration ~ WFW

Vaginal Kung Fu Salon

Vaginal Kung Fu Salon Optin ~ VKF

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Vaginal Kung Fu Yoni Egg Kit + Salonette


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