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Kim Anami Review – Salon Reviews

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Kim Anami Review – Kim Anami Salon Reviews

Denetra shares her experience in Kim Anami’s online salons in this honest and mind-blowing Kim Anami Salon Reviews. She talks about igniting and connecting to her sensual self and “Opportunities just started to fly all over the place!”

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“I want from Charlotte North Carolina. And I’m a technical business analyst for a bank. What I love about her is, how she is so passionate about teaching women. And helping women to realize experience for this. Their own ability to generate energy and power and enthusiasm. And the creative force, that they need from within themselves to create whatever they want in their life. Whatever reality it is that they desire and I think more than anything. …”


Salon Reviews Highlights:

2:16 Relationship revitalized.
3:28 Owning her femininity.
4:28 Radical career success and financial abundance. “This is crazy! I’ve got people coming out of the woodwork offering me jobs… I added $45,000 to my income without actually looking for a job.”




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Kim Anami Review - Kim Anami Salon Reviews