Kim’s Three Favourite Healing Modalities

Fast, efficient and free.

I’m sure you can guess what one of them is!

These are the most powerful healing practices I know, teach and have used for years. 

All of them come down to the same principle: heal thyself.

I truly believe and have experienced that the most powerful healing comes from directly within us. The challenge is that the dominant messaging we receive from all aspects of our lives really is the opposite.

We are told we are in need of an intermediary and a source outside of us for any kind of healing, such as that a doctor holds the knowledge or the pills or the knife that will deliver us. 

All of my work is about showing people the power that exists within them.

Specifically between their legs. 

If I do recommend any kind of outside practices, they are all about bringing you back to yourself. 

Anything that brings the power back to you and creates independence and resilience, rather than dependence on an outside entity or a substance, is what I am all about. 

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