Let’s Raise ISHAR YOGA WAVE: Pagan @Liberation Yoga – Half Moon Pose – Deepak Chopra

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Join ISHAR on indiegogo http://igg.me/at/ISHAR 

Join the Raise ISHAR YOGA WAVE!

Details below or go to http://www.isharonline.org

Champion campaign #1: The Let’s Raise ISHAR Yoga Wave campaign.

Yoga practitioner name/studio goes here: The Let’s Raise ISHAR Yoga Wave – Half Moon Pose (replace with your name of your individual pose).

see example here “Pagan @ Liberation Yoga: The Let’s Raise ISHAR Yoga Wave – Half Moon Pose”.

Neat titles with this form will make it easier for everyone’s video’s to be discovered!

First step – script for video: This needs to be :15 seconds long – no longer please! record on video, desktop computer is fine.

Hello I’m (your name).
I’m going to hold halfmoon pose ( choose the name for the pose you want to start and insert) to start off my Yoga wave for Let’s Raise ISHAR campaign.
I’m asking x, y and z (please name up to TEN people or studios that you can also identify on facebook to alert) to be in my yoga wave, and even make their own to share with their community, and invite more to join the Yoga Wave for Let’s Raise ISHAR.
If you heard your name/studio being called by me in this video, it’s because I admire and respect your form and practice, and I would be honored to have you be apart of my wave. Please join me.
Let’s Raise ISHAR – for the price of one yoga class, each of us can make a small donation and build ISHAR for the entire global community.

Next step: video record this action next :hold yoga pose for :30 seconds and record on video.

Next step: Edit together into one video.


need help? email us!


NEXT STEP: Upload to Youtube (or contact us if, some are eligible to upload their videos directly to the ChopraWell Youtube Channel and we can assist with editing or text too)
NEXT STEP: IMPORTANT! Paste this below in the About section on Youtube: In the information section of the video, please copy and paste at the TOP. If you do not put this link, no one will be able to discover the ISHAR campaign.

Please paste:

Let’s Raise ISHAR on indiegogo: http://igg.me/at/ISHAR

Then write your own copy about yourself and your relevant links next underneath
If you can, annotate your video to the official Let’s Raise ISHAR Youtube video at http://youtu.be/unDqFFJJvHQ

LAST STEP! Send us the link via email, we will be posting many ISHAR videos to Deepak Chopra’s Facebook page of 1.5 M

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