Longevity Secrets – Let Healing Happen Meditation

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Source: Youtube, Meditate in Your Higher Consciousness Self

Let Healing Happen Meditation

Make yourself comfortable for your “Let Healing Happen Meditation”.

To Meditate in Your Higher Consciousness, and experience how

To be happy about the life awaiting you!

Close your eyes.

Take some deep breaths.

And relax your body.

Let all the tension go.

Open your crone chakra, and step out.

And at the same time,
open the gate to heaven.
Connect both parts of your brain,
with your heart chakra,
and the crown chakra,
to enter the holistic way of thinking.
Now, consciously feel,
how do you think?
Think with both parts of your brain at the same time.
Experience, how to integrate the thinking of your heart.
And involve it with the thinking of your crown chakra.
And do all of this simultaneously …

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