ONE WORLD: Erica Ford & Deepak Chopra

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..LIFE Camp Inc., the Love My LIFE tour, Erica Ford is notably one of the most diligent and effective activists of her generation on gun violence, even advising President Obama..

..Erica is the founder of LIFE: Love Ignites Freedom through Education..
..LIFE sponsored Peace Week New York, where it called for more funding for anti violence programs..
..Erica’s foundation organized hip-hop yoga classes..
..Erica heads the South Jamaica Cure Violence Program..
..Erica has lived in South Jamaica since she was 5 years-old..
..In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, President Obama called upon Erica for her expertise in fighting against gun violence..
..Erica and Deepak have lead group counseling and meditation sessions together..
..KISS FM awarded Erica the Phenomenal Woman Award..
..The New York Knicks honored Erica with the Community Service Award..
..Erica earned a Bachelors degree in Political Science from York College..
..Erica attended the Human Rights Commission meeting in Switzerland..
..Erica believes to solve the issue of gun violence, “we have to try to understand people on both sides of the pistol”..
..Erica has organized meditation, yoga and anger management programs for kids and adults who have experienced trauma..


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