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The most elusive orgasms in the female world are all located in the vagina. These are so elusive, that many people try to deny their existence.

Indeed, many MALE researchers, in an effort to justify their own poor sexual technique and perpetually underf**ked wives, actually set out to try and PROVE that vaginal orgasms do not exist.

But all they are revealing to us in the process, is that their partners are profoundly underf**ked.

Who does that? Who tries to prove that women don’t have orgasms?

In western allopathic and typical lovemaking therapist circles, they believe that there is only one orgasm:

The clitoral.

Again, if anyone tells you that, all they are truly revealing to you is how sexually inexperienced they are.

Because once you’ve had the deeper vaginal orgasms—and by these, I mean G-Spot, squirting and cervical—you’ll never look back.

I often liken the experience of clitoral orgasms to eating a piece of candy. There’s a quick sugar rush, a hit, and then it’s over.

This is usually followed by a decline in happiness. It’s like striking a match and it quickly burns out.


The deeper vaginal orgasms are like a raging bonfire that keeps surging and pulsing and can go on for hours. They are much more profound, whole-body, whole being, cataclysmic experiences.

To be honest, if women had only ever had clitoral orgasms before, I can see how they might be kind of “meh” when it came to lovemaking.

Meh. Can take it or leave it!

OR they think they have a low libido, or aren’t really that into lovemaking, because, honestly, in comparison, clitoral orgasms are pretty superficial.

All the good stuff is in the vagina.


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