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She’s coming for you.

When we speak of a person’s libido, we typically think of how sexual they are. What kind of desire do they have? Most people also tend to think of it as a random thing that you either have or don’t have.

Something you were born with. Some people have a high libido and others have little to no libido.

Here’s where I come in.

I believe that EVERYONE naturally has a high libido.

The idea of some people having a high libido and others not, and that’s just the way it is, also fits the allopathic narrative of you NOT having any control about what goes on in your body.

You are just the hapless victim.

Or, maybe the Libido Fairy came along and waved her wand and gifted SOME people with a salaciousness but then skipped over you.

I totally disagree with this notion. EVERYONE can have a voracious lovemaking drive. Everyone DOES.

If it’s not apparent, then it’s just buried under any number of blocks, beliefs and traumas that have happened to a person.

This is part of the Anami Guarantee that EVERYONE CAN.

Here’s how.


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