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Who are the real “quacks” these days?

“Quack” is often the term given to describe unscrupulous, deliberately fraudulent, or too-lofty-and-not-justified claims from some kind of health product or service.

Who is really peddling the snake oil?

In this episode, we examine the holistic approach to preventing and remedying women’s health issues such as urinary incontinence, lack of lubrication and POP (pelvic organ prolapse) and the allopathic methods used to deal with these issues.

It’s a face off:

Jade egg vs. whatever your OBGYN has to offer.

Want to place wagers on who wins?

In this episode we’ll talk:

– How women, in being shut down, patronized and their symptoms not listened to by their allopathic care providers/OBGYNs, turn to holistic medicine to actually receive healing—not Band-Aids, or worse, irreversibly damaged bodies.
– The current movement and smear campaigns against holistic alternatives and ACTUAL healing to try and distract people from the truth of what is happening in OBGYN “medicine”, and hence protect their profits when the natural health business is BOOMING and expected to reach $196.9 billion by 2025.
– Hundreds of thousands of class action lawsuits against faulty female reproductive procedures and devices that are not properly or EVER tested, and knowingly brought to market by pharmaceutical companies; and the millions in damages these companies end up paying—one woman was awarded $57 million dollars.
– The very, very dark origins of the OBGYN profession, and how we still see echoes of this massively unethical behaviour today.
I generally aim to keep my focus on the positive: personally and professionally.
My work is showing alternate ways of physical healing and self-realization.

And getting to the root cause, so we can have permanent results.

Occasionally, I dip my toe in, to see what other genres are doing, and how they purport to address women’s health issues.

Today’s podcast is the summary of one of those deep dives.

The good news is, women and people in general are waking up all over the world, and realizing that there are holistic, natural, ACTUAL solutions.

One of my life mantras is: There is always a solution.

It’s just up to our creative imaginations to find it.



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