SAGES & SCIENTISTS: Series Preview – Deepak Chopra

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Description: SAGES & SCIENTISTS is a new weekly series on The Chopra Well featuring insights in science, spirituality, and technology.* Read more:

Speakers and presenters include: Carlos Dominguez, Chris Clarke, Daniel Siegel, Elissa Epel, Erin Mote, Fred Kuttner, Fred Matser, General Wesley K. Clark, Gino Yu, Gotham Chopra, Henry Stapp, Jordan Wagner, Kamran Elahian, Leonard Mlodinow, Michael Shermer, Mallika Chopra, Nancy Abrams, President Vicente Fox, Renata Black, Rudolph Tanzi, Satish Kumar, Shahrzad Rafati, Alexander Tsarias, Bruce Rosenblum, Candace Pert, Vandana Shiva, and many others.

THE CHOPRA WELL is a new Youtube channel created to encourage people to live healthier, fuller lives and to be more aware. Deepak, Mallika and Gotham Chopra, as well as many other friends and experts, join together in this inspiring project for personal and global transformation. The channel features daily shows about spirituality, wellness, healthy living, humor, and much more.

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