Self Confidence – The Two Essential Avenues For Building Confidence

Self Confidence – Understand the inner workings of confidence, how it’s created, and why you don’t have confidence now.

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The best way to build your self-confidence is by understanding the two core elements that create it. No one is born with self-confidence; it is acquired. And self-confidence is not global — it tends to be situational. Self-confidence is a vibration of energy in your body that makes you calm and grounded when attempting a task. The negative vibration of being worried, anxious, or entertaining negative visualizations indicates a lack of confidence.

Virtually everyone is confident of their abilities in some arena. Those who appear the most magnificently self-confident have likely had lots of experience at the particular skill you’re observing right now. They likely suck at other tasks that you haven’t witnessed. Skill mastery contributes greatly to self-confidence.

The longer someone has been doing something, the more confident they’ll likely become. Remember that most Olympic figure skaters or gymnasts started as young children. To achieve self-confidence in a skill, you must commit to the action to flawlessly acquire it.

But self-confidence, beyond mastery of an external skill, also requires the element of internal psychology. Those who perform flawlessly, and yet struggle internally, may need to address issues of personal development, possibly anxiety or neuroses. They may need to mitigate limiting beliefs that are sabotaging their performance.

To improve your self-confidence, address both the external and internal variables.

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