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Spiral Dynamics is an amazing model of human psychological development. It tracks how the human mind develops and can give us incredible insight into where, we, others, our families, churches, nations etc. are at in our personal development. It can also give us incredible insight into how we can interact with others at different stages as well as what we ourselves can do to continue to grow up the spiral.

Over 70 independent primary studies done over almost 100 years in dozens of different cultures and supported by 100’s of other studies have shown pretty conclusively that there is a direction in which the human psyche moves as it develops. That is to say, the way humans grow and develop has been mapped out quite a bit. We know what steps most people take as they grow in the way they see the world, and this in turn effects how our societies, cultures and faiths look.

In this series we look at this roadmap to see where are we on the journey, where are we going and how might we use this information to interact more healthily with others and grow more intentionally.

These videos are seriously in depth and will take some serious time to watch and will require a lot of additional time to process in serious contemplation if you are to get the most out of them.

In this second video we look at the first main stage within Spiral Dynamics. Stage Purple. The Magical and Tribal stage.

We discuss what makes purple tick. What do they value, what drives them. How do they see God, Jesus, The Bible etc. And how we can interact with others at stage purple.

You might not be stage purple yourself but you have likely been through a lot of stage purple thinking and worldviews and are likely to engage with others who are in this stage.

I cannot stress enough that this is a HUGE topic that has a massive scope for changing your life. It is also likely to upset you profoundly unless you are already well on the way to deconstructing your faith. You have been warned.

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