STRESS REDUCTION TIPS for 2013 | Google+ Hangout with Panel of Experts – Deepak Chopra

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In collaboration with SELF magazine’s series, “13 Resolutions for a Better 2013,” Mallika Chopra hosts a conversation with some of the top minds in the wellness world on what causes stress, ways to de-stress, how to create an overall healthier, happier life.

The guests included are:

Mallika Chopra — entrepreneur, founder of, and author of two books on parenting

Gretchen Rubin — author of “Happier at Home” and “The Happiness Project” (

Andy Puddicombe — founder of Headspace, former monk (

Soren Gordhamer — founder and host of the Wisdom 2.0 Conference, author (

Gabby Bernstein — founder of HerSpace, author of the NY Times Bestseller, “May Cause Miracles” (

Martin Shervington — business consultant, marketing psychologist, comedian (

Lindsay Giorgi — Optimize Your Life Team at Google

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