Task 15 Abundance Challenge – Living Synchrodestiny

Day 15: Living Synchrodestiny
Today we celebrate what we have been able to afford so far! As well as, our awareness of the abundance we experience every day, and the openness to the abundance we desire and dream of. Synchrodestiny means …

21-Days of Abundance Tasks – Abundance Meditation Challenge

  • 21 Days of Abundance Tasks
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  • As a result, we will create a mindset for charity
  • Being a contribution to the world with your business
  • Attract Abundance for you and your business
  • Create a mindset of gratitude and abundance
  • Experience WIN-WIN-WIN situations between you, your customers, and the entire universe
  • Build a habit of a daily guided, which you will receive as a present for the completion of every task!

Participation in the Abundance Challenge is FREE of Charge

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