The Secret – The Truth They Didn’t Tell You

The Secret – Wondering if The Secret is legit? Does it really work? Here are the facts you must know about the law of attraction.

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Were you one of those swept up in the clamor about “The Secret” (the movie and / or the book)? Were you convicted by it to make your thoughts more optimistic and focused? How long did that last? A day? A week? Or did you miss the movie, and wonder what you missed as your friends enthusiastically raved about how great it was?

While the movie was based on the Law of Attraction, a well-respected precept of psychology that states “like attracts like,” the movie fails to equip the most disciplined among us to make those inspiring changes. Perhaps it would be unfair to expect that much from any movie. But it also is not a fair representation of Law of Attraction. Neither has it been much of a secret. If you didn’t know about it, perhaps you haven’t been listening.

The movie is more an unnecessary justification for Law of Attraction drawn from metaphysics, paranormal phenomenon, and quantum physics, overlaid with slick marketing techniques, couched in the words of “experts.” More disturbing, viewers may come away with the impression that they’ve been relieved of the responsibility to strive for success — they need but “put it out to the universe” to get their just desserts. Just as disturbing, those who are beating their heads against walls trying to be a success may interpret that delay as a sign from the universe that it’s not meant to be. The Law of Attraction does not give you a pass.


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