The Story of The Buddha by Deepak Chopra

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The Future of God (A Conversation between Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Kyra Phillips, CNN)

Deepak Chopra relates the story of the Buddha and his disciple Ananda gaining a higher state of enlightened consciousness, divine consciousness. Beyond this state of awareness is the state of unity consciousness, where you cognize the sameness of consciousness in everyone and everything as your own deepest self.

There’s a story of the Buddha that one day he was holding a flower and he had all his disciples there. His favorite disciple Ananda and he was staring at the flower and Ananda just smiled and Buddha smiled back and that was the end of the summer. It was called the silent ceremony and no one spoke a word. So everyone went to Ananda and said what happened? It seems you saw something else and all we saw was a flower. Ananda said I saw the flower but I also saw rainbows and sunshine and earth and water and wind. I saw the infinite void, I saw stars, I saw galaxies, and then I saw the infinite formless consciousness pretending to be a flower at this moment. Okay. That is called divine consciousness, where God is not difficult to find. God is impossible to avoid because whatever you see is seen all three dimensions: physical, subtle, and infinite-formless. Now God is… now you have this amazing miraculous experience because you are connecting with the divine in all beings.

But, there’s something beyond that which is called unity consciousness. Where you realize that the consciousness in the flower, in Kyra, in me, in a tree, in a galaxy is the same consciousness and all the perceptual differences are in space-time but this is beyond space-time and when you abide in that you see the whole universe as an expression of your own being. It’s called unity consciousness. Now you see the seven states: deep sleep, dreams, waking, soul consciousness, cosmic consciousness, divine consciousness, unity consciousness. Which is real? Only the last one. The rest is projection. So that is the future of God–For us to evolve in our consciousness.

I asked a physicist recently, “So give me one definition that explains all of quantum physics. All of it.” And he said, “There are no boundaries in the universe, every boundary is mush now, it’s an idea, and perceptual. But you see what we learned is perception cannot be trusted. So in reality there are no boundaries. This is a boundless, infinite, space-less, timeless, dimension-less, invisible, formless reality that gives rise to space, time, energy, information, matter, every observer, every mode of observation, and every object of observation.


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