The Subtle Reality – by Deepak Chopra

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The Future of God (A Conversation between Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Kyra Phillips, CNN)

Deepak Chopra speaks of the subtle reality between the physical and the nonlocal universal Reality. This formless realm is described in the wisdom traditions as the mind, intellect and ego.

But then there’s a different reality subtle, which you can’t see. Okay? I would say that it is the reality of mind, intellect, and ego. And I’m not saying this is what I said, this is part of great wisdom traditions. So mind and intellect and ego are realities right? I experience that. I experience my mind. You say where is that? You can’t see it. It’s subtle. Okay? But it’s real. Is a thought real? Of course it is, I experienced it. Is an emotion real? Of course if I feel sad then makes you know my body feel down, lack of energy. So I would say the subtle domain is the domain of information, mind, intellect, and ego. But ego means a sense of personal identity. I exist. Okay. There’s a me. Even though I can’t find me in the body. But I experience me so there must be a me. That’s the subtle domain.

But then there’s something beyond that. Where does this come from? It’s totally invisible, it’s formless. So it’s the formless nothing that is giving rise to both the subtle, which means mind, and intellect and ego and then the physical. And we know that’s there’s a connection between the subtle and the physical. If I am feeling sad, then my body shows depressed molecules. If I am stressed then my body shows stressed hormones. Even though we don’t know how those subtle domains influence the physical domains. We don’t know. We do not know how the mind and the body interact or if they are the same thing. They probably are. They are the same thing experienced differently. The physical and the subtle are the same thing.

Kyra: So how do we know what’s true?

Deepak: Unless you go to the formless void, you don’t. And then you realize that’s real. The formless nothing which is beyond space and time is the real you. Which is recycling everyday through memory and desire as your mind and as your body. So you have to go to that causal domain. So there’s the physical, there’s the subtle, and there’s the causal. The causal is the self in you. If you go deep enough then you’ll say the self of the individual is also the self of the universe. Why? Because there can only be one source. And we kind of bubble out of that source like branches from a tree. Okay? You go back and you see these rivers and rivulets and there’s one reservoir from where they are coming. If you go to the formless, invisible, infinite self.


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