The Trick is to Keep on Breathing: Last Hour Decision-Making Meditation in a Crisis

Currently, we are in a crisis. And due to that, one question drives me: What will be the development of my investments in the stock market? I would like to discuss this with you. In complex situations like this, I utilize a Last Hour Decision-Making Meditation, which is a part of the Decision-Making Meditations.

Today’s Last Hour Decision-Making Meditation utilized death as your consultant! That gives you access to your subconscious mind and emotions, which make better decisions in complex situations. It will lead your imagination into the last hour of your life. If this is emotional to challenging for you, just imagine your 100th birthday instead.

So, today I did the fourth Decision-Making Meditation about the question:

“What should I do with my investments in the stock market?”
This Last Hour Decision-Making Meditation goes like that:

Last Hour Decision-Making Meditation 4: Your Investments in The Stock Market


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