The Two Pump Chump Support Group

Premature Ejaculation begone!

Do you have issues with premature ejaculation? Do you wish you could last longer? Does your woman make excuses for what she doesn’t want to have lovemaking with you?

You may need the Two Pump Chump Support Group.

Or the Sexual Mastery for Men Salon.

Sexual Mastery for Men Registration ~ SMM

Three minutes isn’t going to do it. Or five. Or ten.

One of the major intimate practices that men need to learn, is the building of vitality in bed. You need to be able to choose when you orgasm.

75% of men ejaculate within three minutes of penetration.

Premature ejaculation afflicts many.

If you are having trouble, there is always the Two Pump Chump Support Group.

We’re there for you, bro.


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