Time Management – How To Get More Time In Your Day

Time Management – How to clean up your schedule so you can get more stuff done with less stress.

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Insane schedules are becoming the norm in our society, especially for anyone on a positive career trajectory. Almost everyone has spent some of their most precious commodity — their time– trying to learn how to better manage time. Despite hours spend studying the topic, there’s now a record percentage of the population who feels there’s always too little time and too much to do, no matter what they do.

While better prioritizing one’s time is the best answer for managing that time, many people are reluctant to embrace that answer, preferring to believe there must be another way: multi-tasking, working faster, working longer. The relentless refusal to make a distasteful choice are typically insanity-producing. The stress caused by continuing to try to “do it all” and “have it all” is a nationwide health crisis.

Recognizing time for the scarcity it is, and then owning the decisions made around it are critical to restoring sanity to our hectic lives. There is a better way to live that brings true fulfillment and happiness in line with one’s values. Taking back one’s power over time is a freeing exercise.

All you have is today. Use it wisely.


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