Unleash The Power Within Review Tony Robbins: UPW Seminar Results

Do you know, why “Unleash the power within” (UPW) is the best seminar I ever visited?
Because it creates mind-blowing results!

My name is Klaus Forster and I already participated 4 times. I’m not a business affiliate of Tony Robbins, but I’m sharing this gratefully, to give back for the results Tony and Joseph initiated!

The first one in 2012 in London had the biggest impact. I was full of energy and felt like flying for about 3 months while implementing the learned stuff almost effortlessly.

The second time I realized, how much I improved in 1 year:
– on my relationship,
– business,
– and health.

In 2015, it was my biggest birthday party ever, with more than 9,000 people. What a happiness! As my birthday present, I bought my business and mastery university ticket.

And the fourth time was in 2019 in Singapore.

You may ask: “Why did you participate multiple times?”
And you might suspect: “Klaus must be a slow learning student!”

No, I am not! The information density of this seminar is so high, that I still kept learning new things, even at my 4th participation in Singapore among 14,000 people.

Tony presents in an entertaining and funny way:
– Information,
– information,
– a joke,
– information,
– exercise,
– party,
– dance,
– high fives,
– and hugs.
This is happiness and extremely effective for learning quickly! And then it repeats with the next subject!

Now listen, he explains for example that we got two basic needs:
safety and adventure.
Then he goes into the details of how those needs, which God gave us, are conflicting with each other. And finally, he ends with: She must have a strange kind of humor! Everybody is laughing and will never forget about this psychological conflict. Further, you will learn to improve your relationships, business, career, wealth, and health:

For example, I had rheumatic problems. To stand for a few minutes caused pain in my feet. And to open bottles with screw caps did hurt in my wrists. Understandably, I had very little motivation to do physical training, I was overweight and exhausted.

But with the motivation from this seminar,
– I did implement better eating habits,
– taking better care of my health,
– started jogging,
– going to the gym,
– and practiced yoga.

Since that, I finished 5 half marathons and 6 full ones. Even if I gave up upon the 56 km long, Two-oceans ultramarathon in cape town after 42 km. However, I still consider it as a finished standard marathon.

Nowadays I feel younger, I am fitter, healthier, and I have more energy, and vitality than 10 years ago.

Are you aware, that most entrepreneurs are a slave of their business?
And the situation often remains after 5 or 10 years of operation. At least, if they do not get sick, and go bankrupt earlier than that.

In 2010 I started my business Rooms4Music in Germany. And soon I was also enslaved and I worked 7 days a week, 10 to 14 hours a day! But the breakthrough to turn my business into a self-running company came after visiting the “Unleash the power within” seminar. I got inspired, how to improve my business strategies. From 2013 I was able to go each month for one week on vacation. That got me out of the hamster wheel!. Ever since I work less and earn more. Further, I more than doubled my assets during the years from 2011 to 2016!

See, I learned, that there is always only one limiting factor, if there is no progress in my career, business, health, wealth, or with my relationships: And the sad truth is: That it is myself.

Do you feel, that the limiting factor is the state of your personal development?
– Either your career or business will stagnate, which is the better case!
– Or, it will grow over your head. And you remain the slave of it. But in the long run, this will make you sick. In the worst case, it might even kill you, or your business.

But the good news is: It is easy to understand, how to become the master. Develop your personality, then success in your career or business will follow automatically.

UPW is not only a seminar, but also a party, where you will make inspiring friends, who are learning, and partying together, as well as sharing their good vibes, and energy.

Of cause, you can make friends in every pub, and can have nice gossip about the weather, celebrities, fashion, NFL or soccer. And you might have good happiness with them! There is nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, it does not transform you to produce any better results. I made so many friends from all over the world during those seminars. And I’m still in contact with many of them. We still keep inspiring each other.

Those are just some reasons, why I am recommending you this seminar from the bottom of my heart. Because it serves you with a good basis for living a happy life.

And I am looking forward to meeting you there, to lay the foundation for the results you want in your life. Let’s go for it


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