Waking Up From The Dream by Deepak Chopra

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The Future of God (A Conversation between Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Kyra Phillips, CNN)

Deepak Chopra explains that waking up, becoming enlightened, is radical skepticism where you throw out all your models of reality. Waking up to reality is abiding in awareness and resting in existence.

That’s the goal. Wake up from the dream. Okay. The scientists are having their own dream. The theologian is having their own dream. The atheist is having their own dream. Okay. The guy who is running a religion is having his own dream. Okay. Wake up from it. Wake up from this imposed model of reality. Experience higher states of consciousness for yourself through reflection and awareness. Awareness of your body, awareness of relationship, awareness of what’s happening inside your body, and awareness of vital space. Expand your awareness from your body to the stars and galaxies—through the whole ecosystem. Learn to transcend. Question everything. Become a radical skeptic. All these guys who are called skeptics… they’re pseudo-skeptics. They don’t go far enough. Question the reality of everything: physical, material, vital, abstract. Become a radical skeptic. Question everything. Learn to transcend. Have epistemological humility—which means recognize that the brain and the senses don’t deliver reality to you; they deliver a sliver of reality to you. Have humility, have reverence. Even if you don’t have reverence for God have reverence for existence. This mysterious existence which comes out of nothing. And you know we don’t know how it does. So have reverence, have humility, have gratitude, have respect, and abide in being. Abide in awareness. Abide in existence. I’ve asked many enlightened people, “What’s enlightenment? What is it?”

Until I actually got it. It is just resting in awareness. Resting in existence, resting in being,

Kyra: When was that moment for you?

Deepak: It’s gradually coming—it’s there. I can get out of it at any moment but I can go back to it at any moment. It’s the feeling of being awake. You know you’re not in a dream anymore. Anybody can have it.


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