What is Reality? – by Deepak Chopra

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The Future of God (A Conversation between Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Kyra Phillips, CNN)

Deepak discusses the current scientific model of reality, which tells us that 70% of the universe is dark energy. That means that most of the universe is not visible or tangible matter and therefore it isn’t material reality in the conventional sense of the word, and the speed of light limits what information we can get from a small part of the universe in our short span of human science.

Kyra: So what is reality?

Deepak: What is reality? It’s an open question in science we don’t know. If you look at the two most open questions in science. Open question means still no answers. The first is, “What is the universe made of?” The second is “What is the biological basis on consciousness?” Let me explain why those are open questions and why we don’t know them. We now know that about 70 percent of the universe is dark energy. So what is dark energy? It is energy that is expanding the space between galaxies faster than the speed of light. That’s 70 percent of the universe. Now we also know from Einstein that energy and mass are equivalents. So we can also call it mass energy. The universe is expanding right now as you and I speak. The distance between galaxies is expanding faster than the speed of light. So the cosmic horizon, which means from where we are sitting the farthest distance of the universe, the visible universe is 47-48 billion light years away from us. Which means what is beyond that or maybe beyond that is not only unknown, its unknowable. Galaxies are tumbling into the unknowable faster than the speed of light. And why do I say unknowable? Because by the time that light comes here from there, it takes you know, light travels at the speed of 186,000 miles/per second. By the time light will come from there to here our solar system and probably our galaxy will have burnt itself up into the heat depth of absolute zero which will have exhausted its thermonuclear energy.

Kyra: (laughs)

Deepak: So 70 percent of the universe is that. No idea what it is. That leaves 30 percent of the universe. About 25 percent of that is something called dark matter. It’s not atomic, it doesn’t reflect light, it doesn’t absorb light, it doesn’t emit light, and it doesn’t refract light.


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