What is The Essential Nature of Existence? – by Deepak Chopra

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The Future of God (A Conversation between Deepak Chopra, M.D. and Kyra Phillips, CNN)

Deepak Chopra continues the discussion on philosophy’s role in focusing our attention on the nature of existence . Is reality singular or dual? Deepak offers his view that existence is non-physical, infinite dimensional field of consciousness.

What’s the essential nature of existence? Existence is nothing abstract. Existence means what exists. (touches desk) This exists. (touches chest) This exists. (grabs necklace) This exists, what is the essential nature of this? Now there are many kinds of schools of ontology. The one school of ontology says this is physical; this is matter (holding necklace). I can see it, touch it, taste it, and smell it. Where as I’ve just shown you that is totally unreliable. Okay. What we perceive is a species and culture-specific mode of observation. So there’s a materialistic ontology, which you know many scientists are bamboozled by that. It’s obvious (holding necklace) that this is a very species, culture-specific experience, but secondly this thing actually is made of nothing like everything else. So that’s the materialist ontology, which a lot of our science is based. There’s something called dualism which you know goes back to the Catholic Church and Rene Descartes who said there’s mind and matter and somehow mind interacts with matter. You know I have a thought to lift up my arm and its lifts, magically. Where did the intention come from? Of course after the intention came everything we can understand. There’s electricity produced and all that. Molecules react. But where did the intention come from? How was it produced? No idea. So dualism also validates some laws of thermodynamics. So no scientist believes in dualism anymore. Okay? Then we are left with the third possibility. It’s all something non-material and invisible. What is it? Well the honest answer would be, scientists don’t know what it is, because scientists are reluctant to answer it and say its God, or its consciousness or whatever. My bias is whatever this is invisible stuff is which is really non-stuff. The essential nature of all stuff is non-stuff. The essential nature of everything physical is non-physical. Whatever this is (points above and around) it’s manufacturing this universe right now. At this moment the universe’s sub-atomic particles are bubbling out of what they call the quantum vacuum. Some people call it the zero-point energy field. Some people these days call it the matrix because of the movie. Some people call it the grid and the ancients called it the akashic field. They’re saying that there is an invisible domain which is infinite, which has no dimensionality or infinite dimensionality and the universe is gushing out of there with mathematical precision right this moment. And you can use any word for it: God, consciousness, the primordial being or you can just be safe and say, “That is existence, it is awareness because without its quality of awareness there will be no knowing and it is, its existence… awareness… it’s being. It’s just being. And with mathematical precision it’s making this universe.


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