What Should I Do With My Life – How To Find Your Passion For Life

What Should I Do With My Life – How to get your life back on track. Stop wasting time wallowing is malaise and get yourself engaged and excited like you used to be.

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Is your work life dull, blah, and unexciting? Have you lost sight of your life purpose?

Some people are on fire for life, passionate about their direction. If you envy that passion, there is hope for you to find a mission that similarly inspires you. We all have — or can find — a life purpose, something truly valuable to you that you create or do that gives your life meaning.

Commit the time to fully engage with this exercise, especially if you’re unhappy doing what you’re doing … but you have no idea what you’d rather do instead. Suspend you disbelieve so you can temporarily shed the shackles that hold your dreams earthbound.

Most people who know what they want to do — but then don’t do it — are allowing their fear to stop them. When visualizing your life mission, don’t worry about the details of how to get from point A to point B … you’ll figure that out later. Just figure out the destination now.

As simple as it sounds, that is what will restore the momentum to get your life moving again.


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